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I've always used a cheap dryer since it does get the job done.But I do notice the difference when I'm drying my hair using Nu Me's Ionic Blow Dryer.But that’s unfair [Feb 5, 2011 PM] Me: Company and convos WERE really good. [Feb 5, 2011 PM] Chianti : I am who i am…nothing else i can say 🙂 [Feb 5, 2011 PM] Me: Lol. 😦 [Feb 5, 2011 PM] Chianti : Doesnt have to…we can be friends cuz i think you are really cool. [Feb 5, 2011 PM] Me: I dunno is this worth getting together to talk about?? All I can say is it didn’t feel right [Feb 5, 2011 PM] Chianti : Lol Ok no worries.

You are also paying a steeper price for a blow dryer, so it would have been slightly better if there was a different option for the nozzle.🙂 [Feb 6, 2011 AM] Chianti : Therefore perfect for you 🙂 [Feb 6, 2011 AM] Me: Lol ditto! I have probably about 30 stories (and one roller coaster of a relationship begun and ended) I could have blogged in the last couple of months…In order to test whether this hair dryer will in fact cut my drying time, I decided to time my hair drying using another hair dryer on a different night.With my long, thick hair, using my old dryer, it usually takes me about five to eight minutes to dry my hair.

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It does feel sturdier, but I prefer my hair dryer on the lighter side.

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