Intimidating things to say

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But my personal favorite is: "I'm going to count to ten.

Granted..may still get assassins if they're rich enough Violence is such an overused form of intimidation. And believe me, they will be things you will miss." (I don't remember the exact words. You don't want to find out what happens otherwise." "Do you know how much blood is in the human body? Well let's just say you're about to find out." "You know, it just struck me. Even if they dont give you the information theyll go insane.

We can aim anywhere..." 1) We have two options here. To quote Watchmen (or at least paraphrase): "A living body and a dead body both contain the same number of particles.

Either I kill everyone in this room while looking for the plans... A nice zing to add at the end of any request for information from shady folks / cultists Of course, I'm of the opinion that it matters less what you say than how you say it. Structurally, there's no difference." I then whip out a random severed body part from one of my victims* and hurl it at the guy (or at least drop it at their footsteps).

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We'll continue like that until you're out of limbs." If your not down for the actual cutting, then just imply it heavily.